Africa InvestHer - The Podcast

What is an Africa InvestHer?

Black women have always been drivers of change in the world. From the drivers of technology for NASA to driving trade and markets in unchartered terrain. Black women have been at the forefront of any movement that has shifted generations into progressive movement. 


The Africa InvestHer community are drivers of change to reduce the wealth gap in Africa by creating jobs and fostering growth of the local economies. Our investment focus is agriculture, blockchain/crypto/web3, manufacturing and real estate.  The Africa InvestHer is a community of black women who enjoy luxury travel, love learning about new industries and want to experience new opportunities through immersive experiences. 


How do you know if you are an Africa InvestHer ?

You love new experiences

You love luxury travel 

You are committed to building generational wealth

You understand the power of a diversified financial portfolio

You love creating impact


Join our community to learn how you can travel and learn to invest in Africa safely.

Travel & Investment Community

Travel & Invest Africa(TIA) is a subsidiary of Nelson Legacy Enterprises International, LTD. TIA serves as a bespoke luxury, small group journey travel service and emerging market startup investment education membership. A guide for African startup investment, culture and tourism in Africa. You have the option to be a tourist, receive education about business in Africa, and choose to invest. TIA provides several options to travel; our Travel Africa Experience, the Travel & Invest Africa Takeover, Africa with Stephanie and the Africa InvestHer Luxury Travel experiences all focused  to educate and immerse travelers in investment opportunities, culture and tourism across Africa. 


Travel & Invest Africa Membership (TIAM) is an investor education platform supporting emerging startup markets across Africa. Primarily focused on West Africa, TIAM educates members on investment opportunities focused in agriculture, manufacturing, blockchain/crypto/web3 and real estate. TIAM is dedicated to exposing members to new startups creating innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. The TIAM membership is NOT an investment vehicle. TIAM provides access to information and educates members about startup investment opportunities in Africa.


TIA's vision is to support 2,500 businesses and business opportunities over the next ten years. This vision is more than possible with TIA's repeatable business model and the Africa InvestHer community. 

Africa with Stephanie

Africa with Stephanie is a concierge style travel experience designed based on guests personal travel interests and budget. Africa with Stephanie packages span 7-10 days in West African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Cape Verde, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone).  The wonderful thing about the Africa with Stephanie package is that co-founder Stephanie travels with you and your guests. She serves as your personal experience designer throughout your entire experience. As a guest of the Africa with Stephanie package you design the travel experience as a pseudo solo travel experience or a small group journey with your friends and loved ones. The uniqueness of this travel experience includes the detailed interests of our guests. Co-founder Stephanie designs each experience based on your personal travel expectations. Africa with Stephanie caters to new and season travelers and provides a completely worry free travel experience. All you do is tell us what you want, we create the experience, and you enjoy the adventure!

Upcoming Africa Travel  Experiences

The Africa InvestHer tribe will have access to exclusive immersive travel to invest experiences across Africa. We will visit West African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Cape Verde, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone).


If you are a highly entrepreneurial woman interested in doing business on the Continent these travel experiences are for you.


The  Package Includes:

  • All Experience Meals
  • All Transportation
  • Visa on Arrival
  • 1 custom design outfit
  • Africa InvestHer Photoshoot
  • All excursions are included (Boat Club, Beach time, Badagry and more!)


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